Master Cleaning Service with 100% Odor Removal Guarantee


Sometimes pet urine, mold/mildew, and/or musty odors can become trapped inside of the fibers and/or backing of the rug, interfering with the enjoyment of your rug. We offer 2 processes that can reduce or eliminate these odors that make it impossible to use the rug as intended. Regardless of the process chosen, our experts will take the time and effort to ensure that we have succeeded in trying all possible avenues for removing or reducing all odors.

Citrus Solvent

Our conventional deodorizing process consists of saturating the area rug on both sides with a powerful citrus solvent solution. After allowing the solution to penetrate thoroughly, the rug is then put through our automated cleaning machine where it is scrubbed top and bottom.


Our U-Turn deodorizing process involves saturating the area rug on both sides with a formula that uses nanotechnology to break the carbon bonds in organic molecules, including urine, which are then broken down and can be lifted off the rug. By targeting only the odor-causing carbon based molecules, this process is highly effective, yet completely gentle on the rug. This is a green, bio-based, and completely hypo-allergenic process. When coupled with our immersion cleaning process, this is the most powerful method for eliminating urine or other organic odors. We are so confident in this combination, we guarantee complete organic odor removal when used in conjunction.


Anti-microbial is used as a one-step disinfectant cleaner that is effective against a spectrum of bacteria, viruses, molds, mildews, and insects. It meets EPA standards for hospital disinfectants and kills fungi, viruses, and pests such as moths and lice. After the area rug is thoroughly cleaned, this solution is sprayed on the surface of the rug and laid flat to dry. This process is commonly used with rugs that have suffered from water damage to combat mold or mildew, or rugs that have had a pest problem.

Area Rugs

There are two separate cleaning processes your rug can undergo. Our cleaning experts can help you determine which process best suits your needs. In both processes, rugs first go through an automated rug duster to remove dust and loose dirt trapped in the fibers. The next step depends on which cleaning process is used.


In our conventional process, rugs are first sprayed with high pressure detergent to loosen and suspend soil and spots. They are then gently scrubbed with additional emulsifiers after which they go through a triple rinse system to rinse out all soil. Next, the rugs go through a wringer to squeeze out excess water. The rugs then move down the conveyor, and are taken upstairs into the drying room. After eight hours of regulated heat, the rugs are brought down. Then, fringes, if applicable, are cleaned by hand to whiten to original color, and brushed to remove any tangles.


In the immersion process, rugs are placed into the Centrum Star Rug Washing Tub where a paddle wheel agitates the wash water which includes a special solution to prevent color bleeding or cross contamination. The turbulent motion of the wash water draws soil and debris off of the rug and into the water. This mimics the gentle motion of hand washing, cleaning the rug without use of brushes or other mechanical forces. After being removed from the tub, fringes, if applicable, are gently scrubbed. The rugs are then placed into a centrifuge where they are spun at an extremely high velocity to remove water. The rugs are left only slightly damp to touch. The rugs then go into the drying room for a short time, or, alternatively, are dried with the use of air blowers. Air-blowers are typically used when browning is a concern, as it can be for many acrylic or light colored rugs. In either process, after rugs have been completely dried, they are vacuumed and brushed to ensure that no loose dirt or hair was left in the fibers. Lastly, they are wrapped in paper and ready for pick-up or delivery. Regardless of the process chosen, our experts will take the time and effort necessary to ensure your rug looks its best. At Boushelle Rug we take pride in our systems and are proud to be the biggest and best at what we do. Unlike many other cleaners, we clean your rugs thoroughly, not just topically. We are happy to offer tours of our facility to show customers the complete rug cleaning processes. We have the biggest and most modern cleaning plant in the Midwest.

* If we cannot remove your organic odor when immersion cleaning and U-turn are used in conjunction, we will deduct the cost of the U-turn treatment. Cleaning charges still apply. While our experience shows the process is effective even in removing inorganic odors, the guarantee applies only to organic odors.

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