Carpet Repair

Carpet Stretching

If your carpet has wrinkles in it, you need to call the professionals at Boushelle Rug to have it ReStretched. This is a simple repair that we can complete in a day. To learn more about our carpet stretching service give us a call.

Pet Damage

Unfortunately, your carpet was a victim of your Pets. Weather it needs cleaning or repair our team of dedicated technicians are experienced veterans who have seen their share of pet damaged carpet and area rugs.They understand what it takes to repair your carpet and will able to restore it. Give us a call with any questions.

Cookie Cutter Repair

If you have extra carpeting this is easily done by our skilled technician and makes your room look brand new. Give us a call today for a Quote.

Seam Repair

Many homeowners today do not realize that their carpet is a bunch of carpet sections glued together. When the glue starts to break down after years of wear and tear, itís time to call Boushelle Rug. Our seam repair service will restore and prolong the service life of your carpet for years to come.

Water Damage

Water Damage is such a Pain, but are here to Save the Day in a Major Way. We absorb all of the water out of your home. Insure this with fans we will set up and have it dry completely. Then service you with any Repairs if needed and leave you with a fresh cleaning to get your home back.

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