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4 Types of Pads for Area Rugs

Having a rug pad extends the life of your area rug and can protect the floor underneath your area rug. Padding increases the air flow to the bottom of your rug and allows the area rug to “breathe”. Vacuuming also becomes easier since the rug will stay in place on the floor, rather than sliding around while trying to vacuum. Some rugs have a rough or abrasive texture which can damage delicate floors. The extra cushion that padding gives underneath an area rug can provide increased comfort (especially during winter), decreased damage from heavy furniture, and it helps to muffle the sound of footsteps, without having to sacrifice your gorgeous floors. To fully enjoy the benefit that your rug gives, choosing the correct rug pad is critical to ensure against slipping, tripping, or even falling due to a moving or bunched up area rug.

Re-bond pad: Re-bond pads are available in either ½” or 3/8” inch thicknesses, with a 6 lb. density. These pads usually go underneath wall-to-wall installed carpet, and can be specially ordered for an additional thickness or density. This extra cushion can be used underneath large area rugs where movement of the rug is almost non-existent. This type of pad is available in 6’ widths only.

No-muv pad: This type of padding was designed for oriental area rugs on hardwood floors. No-muv pads consist of a rubber bottom and a fiber top, which will keep the rug in place on the floor, rather than sliding when being walked on. Since this pad is either on a 6’ width or 12’ width roll, it will be cut to fit your rug exactly. No-muv pads are also great for area rugs on carpet. When using this pad underneath a rug that is lying on top of carpet, make sure to face the rubberized part of the pad upwards, and the fiber section touching the carpet. No-muv pads can be properly cleaned through our machine, increasing the useful life of the pad.

Non-slip web pad: The purpose of a non-slip pad is to keep area rugs from either bunching up or moving on a non-carpeted floor. Like the no-muv pad, it will be cut to fit your rug exactly, being cut from a 6’ width or 12’ width roll. This rubberized mesh underlay will still protect your rugs and your floors without the extra cushion that a no-muv pad gives. Web pads cannot be cleaned through our machine and might not last as long as a no-muv pad will.

Felt pad: Felt pads are usually going to be used underneath Berber carpet or large oriental rugs when movement of the rug is unlikely to occur. This might be because of the size of the rug or due to heavy furniture sitting onto of the rug. Since felt pads also come in 6’ widths or 12’ widths, your pad will be cut to fit your rug exactly. Felt pads cannot be cleaned properly through our machine and might not last as long as a no-muv pad will.

Mat placement:

Exterior mats: These mats are the most important mats that you can put down since they are first in line to receive all the dirt, soil, or snow that builds up in the soles of shoes. By having an outside mat, you are protecting your inside carpet from excess dirt. The soil that comes off of the soles of shoes can seep deep within your carpet, allowing a soiled traffic pattern to begin setting in. These mats will also have a heavier backing to ensure that the mat will stay in place during all types of weather.

Entrance mats: Entrance mats will continue to protect your carpet and will continue to pick up extra dirt and soil that the exterior mats did not. These mats are made of a cut pile carpet, and it is their job to try to prevent airborne contaminates from polluting the air quality inside the building.

Interior mats: Interior mats will control internal soil as well as protect your carpet from accidental spills or the regular dirt/soil that will be generated from the traffic in the building. These mats have a carpeted top and can enhance corporate identity.

Anti-fatigue mats: This type of mat will increase productivity by providing a more comfortable, safe working environment for employees who stand on their feet for extended periods of time.

Specialty mats: Sometimes mats are needed for special areas, such as restrooms, locker rooms, or in areas where the traffic level is extremely high. There are mats available for all circumstances, and we offer free estimates for even the most unique situation. Heavy duty backings are available to ensure the mats stay in place.

Image mat collection: Want your logo on your entrance mat? Companies choose to have their logo put on their mats to show that they have pride in their company name and logo. The design is sewn directly into the carpet, insuring durability. Logo mats look great and welcomes your guests into your company. Give us your logo and receive a free quote within days.

The best way to find out which mats are needed in your facility is to invite us in to give an expert opinion on what is needed for you.

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