Area Rug Additional Services


Rugs should be deodorized to conceal pet urine, mold/mildew, and/or any musty odors that might be interfering with the enjoyment of your beautiful rug. Sometimes odors can become trapped inside of the fibers and/or backing of the rug, making it impossible to use the rug as intended. Our process consists of saturating the area rug, on both sides, with a powerful deodorizer, before the cleaning process starts. We do not guarantee 100% removal since sometimes odors get trapped forever, but our experts will take the time and effort to ensure that we have succeeded in trying all possible avenues on removing all odors.

Teflon, Carpet/ Rug Protector

Teflon helps the surface of Carpet and or Rugs to repel soil. They will stay cleaner, be brighter and have a newer and fresher look through all kinds of daily wear.

Pad washing

We recommend washing your rug pad every time you have your area rug cleaned. Due to the sensitivity of rug pads, the only pad that is cleanable by our machine is the rubberized no muv pad. Felt pads are washed at the customerís risk.


After the rug has been properly cleaned, a non-toxic liquid can be applied to prevent an area rug from spreading flames caused by a fire. By this process being done, fires are less likely to spread quickly, giving fire fighters more time to extinguish the fire, preventing severe damage. We allow drying time for the liquid before the rug is wrapped and ready for pickup/delivery. We recommend daycares and schools fire-proof their classroom rugs to induce safety for the children.


There are two types of moth prevention methods that we use. Our recommended method is our non-toxic liquid treatment that is sprayed onto the surface of an area rug after it has been properly cleaned. This liquid will prevent moths from eating the wool fibers in your rug. The rug is dried flat to allow time for the liquid to absorb into the fibers. Our second preventive method is adding moth-proofing crystals inside of the rug when being stored away for an extended period of time.


We recommend using an anti-microbial disinfectant to kill germs such as parasites or lice. This solution is sprayed onto the surface of an area rug and then laid flat to dry. This should be done after the rug is properly cleaned.


Plastic Wrap for Storage

Besides moth-proofing area rugs when being stored away, properly wrapping the area rug in plastic will prevent insects from entering into the fibers and destroying your rug.


Our company will offer to store your area rug at an additional cost. Monthly storage payments are required. Storage fees will start to compound after the first month (first thirty days are free).

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