Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do repairs take?

Normally, repairs take two weeks, though this time frame may increase if rugs are extremely damaged or special orders are placed.

Why should I have a rug deodorized?

Deodorizing can help to cover up any pet odors, mold/mildew odors, or even just to add a fresh scent to your rug. Deodorizing is not guaranteed to remove any odors 100%, but it is recommended, especially for lingering pet odors.

What is the purpose to have a rug pad?

A rug pad can add years onto the life of your rug, and the pad will protect your rug. A rubberized pad is recommended for hardwood floors, to keep the rug from sliding around on the floor. A rubberized pad can also be used underneath an area rug on carpet (the rubber would be face up in this case) to prevent the rug from wrinkling up and destroying the fibers of the rug.

Can I have area rugs cleaned in my home on the floor?

We do not recommend cleaning area rugs in the home for a number of reasons. The main reason is that our equipment could damage the flooring underneath the rug. The hot steam can cause the floor to buckle. Steam cleaning of area rugs will only clean the surface of the rug, leaving dirt still inside of the rug. All loose rugs should be machine-washed so that both sides of the rug are properly cleaned.

What is attracting moths to my rug?

Moth damage will only occur on wool area rugs, since it is the wool fibers that the moths are attracted to. We recommend wrapping your wool area rug in plastic so that moths cannot get inside of the plastic and destroy your area rug. Even if your rug is sitting in your closet rather than a storage facility, it is still a good idea to have it completely covered to prevent any damage. Once fibers are missing from moth damage, extensive re-weaving is the only solution.

Why do braided rugs rip?

Regular wear and tear on the area rug will cause the seams to split on a braided rug. We recommend repairing even the smallest tear as soon as it is noticed to avoid larger tears that can destroy the fibers in the rug.

How often should oriental rugs be professionally cleaned?

All area rugs, oriental or domestic, should be cleaned annually. We recommend annually so that any traffic pattern (the dark pattern that is developed from constant walking) can be cleaned up, and so that the nap of the rug can be brushed to stand back up instead of becoming matted down. If there are constant pet issues or accidents on area rugs, it is better to have them cleaned more than annually.

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