Entrance Mats

Protect Your Investment with Mats from Boushelle

  • Entrance mats from Boushelle can make you look good -- and save you money.
  • Mats are an effective way to absorb dirt and moisture.
  • For instance, more than 80% of the dirt inside a building is tracked in on feet. And mats can catch up to 70% of that.
  • Mats place in high traffic areas and other work areas protect floors and carpets from everyday wear and tear.
  • And cleaning and replacing mats costs less than stripping and waxing floors or cleaning and replacing carpets, thereby saving you time, money, and labor on cleaning and maintenance.
  • A clean entrance makes a good initial impression.
  • Mats contribute significantly to the control of airborne dust as well as dirt tracked in.
  • As a result, your business has a better, cleaner environment. And that makes it safer and healthier for employees as well as your customers.

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