With time, the binding on a rug may become loose or damaged. Binding is the fabric that is attached to the edges of a rug, usually on domestic rugs. The binding process consists of one singular piece of fabric that is folded over the edge of a rug and then attached using an industrial sewing machine, creating a smooth finished edge around the perimeter of the rug. It is customary to square off a rug before attaching new binding in order to achieve rug symmetry, though we will skip this step at the request of our customers. Using inch cotton, we machine-sew long-lasting fabric to the edge of the rug, adding new life to your area rug. Binding is available in many colors, and our experts will gladly choose a matching color to bring out the style in your rug. Special orders can be placed, or supply us with your own binding for that creative style you are looking for.

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