Over time, the fringes on Oriental rugs will start to fray and become worn out. If this problem is ignored, the edges may become seriously damaged. Replacing worn out fringes will give your rug a new refreshing look. Our experts cut off the existing fringe, surge the ends, and then, matching as close as possible, add gorgeous new fringe to make your rug look new again. Most of the time, the ends will have to be surged before attaching the fringe so that the fringe has something to attach to, instead of the rug itself. This makes it easier to remove fringes throughout the lifespan of the rug, holding the value of the rug. We have numerous styles of fringe, all being cotton, but special orders can be placed.


Over time, the serging, or the thread on the edges, may become worn and/or damaged. It is the serging on the rug that will keep the rug from unraveling. We machine sew long-lasting thread in order to create a very tight, clean look. Our experts choose the best possible match from a wide variety of in-stock colors and styles. Using cotton thread, we overcast thread on the edge of the rug to create proper edging and finishing. If fibers are missing, existing serging will be removed in order to refinish the edge and maximize results. We will always recommend serging the rug all the way around so that the rug has the same brightness all the way around. After assessment of the rug, our experts can determine if that is necessary or if only the damaged side/end can be done. Come in to our showroom and choose your own color today.


With time, the binding on a rug may become loose or damaged. Binding is the fabric that is attached to the edges of a rug, usually on domestic rugs. The binding process consists of one singular piece of fabric that is folded over the edge of a rug and then attached using an industrial sewing machine, creating a smooth finished edge around the perimeter of the rug. It is customary to square off a rug before attaching new binding in order to achieve rug symmetry, though we will skip this step at the request of our customers. Using inch cotton, we machine-sew long-lasting fabric to the edge of the rug, adding new life to your area rug. Binding is available in many colors, and our experts will gladly choose a matching color to bring out the style in your rug. Special orders can be placed, or supply us with your own binding for that creative style you are looking for.

Custom Repairs

We specialize in custom repairs such as patching holes, re-hooking, re-attaching loose backings, and much, much more. Custom repairs are assessed once our experts evaluate the area rug and decide the best options. We will always discuss your options with you, letting you choose how your rug will look. We also can repair the rips in braided rugs. Bring your area rug in today for a free estimate.

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